About Us

Madpixel is an art and design studio specializing in combining our passions: Photography, Illustration, Design and Printmaking. Louisville, Kentucky based husband and wife team, Ron Jasin and Mary Yates, combine these techniques to create unique designs for a wide variety of clients. Madpixel was started in 1992 as a hobby, doing band flyers and advertisements for photocopied ‘zines, but in 2005 it all just clicked. Doing small-run, hand printed gig posters has opened doors that allow us to do something for a living that hardly feels like work.

Meet Our Cats

Pete adopted us on Thanksgiving. He was a neighborhood cat who just kinds showed up and never left.

We adopted Kamaji off the rough streets of Terre Haute, Indiana. We were on the way home from a Renegade Craft Holiday show in Chicago and stopped on in to meet him, the rest is history...
Mei Mei
Mei is the newest addition to the family. She is named for the Chinese word for little sister. We hoped she would become the two boys little sister, but that's not quite how it worked out. She hates everything.